Friday, September 30, 2005

H.R.3893 - Gasoline for America's Security Act of 2005

There are several sections of H.R.3893 (beginning with Section 301) that could move from encouraging people to save energy to actually helping save energy by funding the groups that help people form carpools and vanpools (and, yes, household carpools count).

This bill was introduced this week by Congressman Barton (R-TX) and says "The Secretary [of Energy] may make grants to State and local governments for carpooling or vanpooling projects. The Secretary may make such a grant only if at least 50 percent of the costs of the project will be provided by the State or local government."

I could see these funds being used to allow state and local governments to cope with surges in demand (e.g., add staff to increase service hours, expand Internet ridematching efforts, acquire additional vehicles for vanpooling, increase outreach to employers to enroll more of them in programs such as Best Workplaces of Commuters(tm)).

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UB said...

In following this issue today, it appears that this bill will have significant issues in the Senate due to some of the industry provisions it contains.

Nonetheless, it does appear to have some traction in our field on the conservation front that could be used as a basis for crafting some compromise. Anyone know if Jason is on/back from his honeymoon yet?