Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Strategic Marketing: The Truth About Gender and Generational Commuting Trends – and Its Consequences

On Wednesday, May 27, the National TDM and Telework Clearinghouse at the National Center for Transit Research and the Association for Commuter Transportation will be holding a netconference entitled, Strategic Marketing: The Truth About Gender and Generational Commuting Trends – and Its Consequences.

While traffic may be standing still, changes in gender and generational commuting trends are not. These changes will provide significant marketing challenges and opportunities for the transportation demand management and public transportation communities. A recent ACT survey found that nearly nine in ten members agreed that it is important to customize TDM marketing messages for each generation but very few do. This session will help you understand those gender and generational trends as you develop your long-range plan and your strategic marketing approaches.

The netconference will feature:

Dr. Randall Crane, UCLA, will present Does Gender Matter? Changes, Choices and Consequences for Transportation Policy. He will review the broad demographics of travel demand and identify which demographics will influence demand the most – and the least. Dr. Crane will discuss why gender travel patterns change, how these changes are influencing demand and what the implications will be for influencing travel behavior. He will identify what transportation agencies can do to plan for these changes.

John W. Martin, Southeastern Institute of Research & The Boomer Project, will present Using A Generational Lens to Advance Non-Drive Alone Alternatives in America. John will present an overview of the four generations of commuters: Silent, Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials (Gen Ys) - and share an easy way to understand their differences and what motivates them to rideshare. John’s presentation will conclude with best practice examples and practical tips on how to tailor TDM services and communication campaigns to most effectively resonate with each generation.

The recording of the event will be available on May 28 at www.nctr.usf.edu/clearinghouse/netconferencing.htm. Over 25 other previously recorded netconferences are available for on-demand viewing at that same location

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