Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Simmons: "We are past energy peak"

TDM Talk

On June 20, 2006, Matthew Simmons of Simmons and Company International gave a presentation to the Department of Defense entitled, "The Energy Crisis Has Arrived." In this presentation, Simmons declared that world energy production has peaked and stated that he believes Middle East oil production will decline by 50 percent in the next 12 years.

Click here for powerpoint slides from presentation


David Ungemah said...

This presentation was well worth the read. It certainly confirms many of our suspicions, but it does leave us lacking for "what to do next". How many of our long-range transportation plans will need to be thrown away? How will we get goods to market? Employees to employers? Society is amazingly fragile, and this is some scary stuff, but worth considering now before it's too late. The worst that can happen is that our planning is never needed.

The Jack said...
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