Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Linking TDM, Oil Dependence and National Security: The Time to Act is Now.

As I presented at the 2005 ACT Conference and in prior papers, it is my strong belief that the TDM community needs to address the link between oil dependence and national security and position TDM as one of the primary strategies to reduce oil consumption and improve national security.

Since Bush Administration has publically acknowledged America's addiction to oil in the recent State of the Union address, it is time for the TDM community to act. We need to convince policy-makers from local governments all the way to the White House that TDM is one of the most cost-effective means for reducing oil demand by reducing vehicle trips and miles, shifting trips from peak hours to reduce traffic congestion, and eliminating trips all together.

America can no longer afford to spend our precious resources on trying to build our way out of congestion or militarily securing access to oil. We need to change the course and invest in a multifaceted approach that employs not only TDM but also improved fuel efficiency standards, changes to land development codes and practices, increased investment in transit, and a massive investment in the research and development of alternative/sustainable/renewable energy resources.

If you would like to learn more about the link between TDM, oil and national security, a streaming video presentation on my research that uses Real Player, is now available:

I would also recommend watching the documentary, "End of Suburbia" (www.endofsuburbia.com), visiting the Association for the Study of Peak Oil at www.peakoil.net or reading Matthew Simmons' "Twilight in the Desert".

For the visitors to TDM Blog, my question for you is how can we effectively market TDM as vital to national security? Is an appeal to patriotic nature of ridesharing or bicycle commuting overreaching?

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