Friday, December 23, 2005

TDM in 2005 - What's Ahead in '06?

In 2005, we saw gas prices rise (and fall) with an increase in the demand for ridesharing services at many of the country's largest TDM programs.

We saw the passage - finally - of SAFETEA-LU which is loaded with opportunities for TDM programs (and some challenges).

In late 2005, the IRS increased the qualified transportation fringe benefit for only parking, making the gap between parking and transit/vanpool even wider. The tax free limit for parking increases by $5 per month to $205 but transit and vanpooling remain at $105.

So what do you think is in store for 2006?


Tad said...


1. Continued increase in congestion.

2. Gas prices staying in the $2 to $3 range (closer to $2 than to $3) unless there is a big disruption to the system. Global competition for petroleum-based fuel becomes stronger and supply doesn't grow to keep pace, at least initially. As prices rise, more supply comes on line in future years. Push for alternative sources holds sway over alternative commute modes.

3. Increased variety of residential, employment, and commuing decisions.

4. Big highway reconstruction projects get more headlines, and traffic management during reconstruction becomes important in those cases.

5. There is still no commonly preferred name to replace TDM, ridesharing, or other words that sound like gobbledygook.

6. Continuity of operations and contingency planning offer opportunities for those in the TDM field to offer constructive and well-received assistance.

7. There will be more media stories about ever-lengthening commutes (which are based on anecotal evidence and not solidly researched).

8. Public agencies will seek hard evidence that TDM is useful.

9. The federal energy bill with $s for carpooling and vanpooling will hinge on whether there are disruptions to supply or huge spikes in price.

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Daniela said...
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